6.314 Bibimbap


15 (Sun) November 2015



On Korean Air – KE 137

-Incheon to Nadi-






Mission to Fiji : Day 1.

Nadi, en route.  Going to attend a workshop on tobacco control, Tuesday to Thursday.  Flying back Friday.

My third visit to Fiji (see most recently 6.108 Kovu Ura).

Ramyeon (1.5) — late-nite snack upon request; just cup noodles served in porcelain, with fresh garniture.

On the road for two weeks, two missions, back to back, Switzerland (done), then Fiji (about to begin) — just beyond the halfway point.  Both trips involve long haul flights, inherently difficult due to the travel time and the time difference, but the business class compensates somewhat.  Arranged the itinerary — MNL > ICN > GVA > ICN > NAD > ICN > MNL — to allow for three consecutive weekends at home, though only for a day and a half per stop, the second one ending yesterday.  I’ll take my blessings however they may come.

Gom Tang (3.0) — more of a seolleung tang than a gom tang; regardless of name, it was an excellent breakfast, especially after a long flight of drinking (see for comparison 6.101 Coconut Carrot Cream Soup).

As always, I am grateful for and respectful of the opportunity to travel internationally, whether for fun or for work, especially via business class (see BEST IN FLIGHT), including airport lounge access (see in BEST IN LOUNGE).

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