6.315 Shin Ramyun Cup


16 (Mon) November 2015

Shin Ramyun Cup


in my room (Novotel Nadi)



Mission to Fiji : Day 2 (see previously 6.314 Bibimbap).

In Nadi.  Here to attend a workshop on tobacco control, tomorrow to Thursday.  Flying back Friday.

My third visit to Fiji (see most recently 6.108 Kovu Ura).

On the road for two weeks, two missions, back to back, Switzerland (done), then Fiji (about to begin) — just beyond the halfway point.  Both trips involve long haul flights, inherently difficult due to travel time and time difference, but the business class compensates somewhat.  Arranged the itinerary — MNL > ICN > GVA > ICN > NAD > ICN > MNL — to allow for three consecutive weekends at home, though only for a day and a half per stop.  I’ll take my blessings however they may come.

Courtesy of the business lounge at ICN.

For dinner on my first evening in town, the fact that I would settle for instant noodles — Shin brand no less (see generally 2.033 Roast Duck Noodle Soup) — should prove how tired I was.

Reminds me of that time in Egypt, when I had the same thing, but that time because I was sick (4.305 Sin Ramyeon…).

Chicken Sandwich (1.5) + Salad (2.0) — the crappy lunch from room service, delivered in a brown paper bag, didn’t engender much confidence.

2 thoughts on “6.315 Shin Ramyun Cup

  1. as i once wrote concerning business class travel, to have is to have in embarrassing abundance.

    it’s generally for breakfast. in my experience, most hotel breakfast buffets suck — those piles of scrambled eggs make me nauseous just to think about them — or at least not to my liking — never never could do the “Continental” thing (e.g., jam on toast with a slice of fruit).

    a quick cup of noodles is just what I need, every time.

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