6.316 Kokoda


17 (Tue) November 2015



from Talei (Hotel Novotel Nadi) [takeout]

in my room




Mission to Fiji : Day 3 (see previously 6.315 Shin Ramyun Cup).

In Nadi.  Here to attend a workshop on tobacco control, today to Thursday.  Flying back Friday.

My third visit to Fiji (see most recently 6.108 Kovu Ura).


On the road for two weeks, two missions, back to back, Switzerland (done), then Fiji (in process).  Both trips involve long haul flights, inherently difficult due to travel time and time difference, but the business class compensates somewhat.  Arranged the itinerary — MNL > ICN > GVA > ICN > NAD > ICN > MNL — to allow for three consecutive weekends at home, though only for a day and a half per stop.  I’ll take my blessings however they may come.

Wondering if someone from the Regional Office had anything to do with ordering the food for the welcome reception…
…because everything — deep-fried, meat-heavy —
…was just like the crap we serve at receptions back in Manila (see for example 6.224 NCD Risk Factors).

Thoroughly unsatisfied by the short-lived reception, I dropped by the hotel’s only restaurant on the way back to my room and got a few items to go.


Reflecting previous experiences with restaurant menus in the Pacific, the local options were virtually nil.  Except for the ubiquitous kokoda — a dish that I’m getting to know quite well (see most recently 6.238 Marinated Snapper, the Solomons Way), even though I don’t even like it very much.

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  1. kokoda…does it mean a way of cooking like this with any kind of white fish?

    happy new year!

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