6.326 Lo Han Chay


27 (Fri) November 2015

Lo Han Chay


from Yue Lai Seafood & Hotpot Restaurant [takeout]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Luohan cai is a Chinese vegetable dish.  Consists of various chopped veg, stir-fried in soy sauce and/or other seasonings — essentially the same thing as chop suey (as far as I can tell).  The name of the dish means “Buddha (luohan) + vegetables (cai),” sometimes referred to on English menus euphemistically as “Buddha’s Delight,” in reference to the Buddhist inclination towards vegetarian.

The lo han chay from Yue Lai was okay.

Following this second visit (see previously 6.302 Fried Pipa Toufu), I’ve decided that the food may generally be acceptable.  A third meal, next time dine-in, for a definitive determination.

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