6.327 Futomaki


28 (Sat) November 2015



from Asunaro [takeout]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Futomaki is a Japanese sushi roll.  Consists of vinegared rice, plus a hodgepodge of components, typically of the cooked/pickled sort, such as daikon, kampyo, yamagobo, egg, krab stick, and/or shrimp, as well as sakura denbu, all rolled in a sheet of dried nori — very similar to Korean gimbap, except for the vinegar and sakura denbu.  In constructing futomaki — the name literally means “fat (futo) maki (roll)” — the sheet is turned vertically to accommodate more stuff.

This ground fish powder, neon pink in color, candyish savoryness in flavor, is futomaki’s distinctive feature, to me at least, based on experiences at Japanese restaurants in the States — apparently in the Philippines as well, as  shown in the featured photo (front left roll) — though an internet search of recipes would seem to suggest that it’s not an essential ingredient.

The futomaki from Asunaro (see most recently 6.267 Chutoro Aburi Sushi) was somewhat bland, but passable.

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