6.344 He’s Leaving Home


15 (Tue) December 2015

Woo Samgyup


at Bornga


with NCD

As mentioned in GMTD’s inaugural post, “bon-ga” means “house of origin” — by sheer serendipity, a perfectly apropos name for the restaurant where the blog was launched (see generally 1.001 Grilled Pork Galbi).

“Menu to go, side dishes and vegetables can’t provide. Please understand it.” — with so much apparent care put into the design of this menu, they couldn’t get someone — here in the Philippines — to check the grammar?!?!

The final* dinner with NCD this evening, as an official member of the team, which has been my “home” since I first joined the Organization two years ago, was at Bornga (different Anglicized spelling, but same thing**) (see most recently 5.232 Woo Samgyup) — another stroke of coincidence, though this time poetically bitter.

**Although I’m beginning to think that the international chain, including the branch here in the Philippines, has no relation to the one in Korea.

Woo Samgyup

*I’m slated for transfer to the health systems division next year.  Come to think of it, my initial point of contact to WPRO was through a series of consultancies with that division (see for example 2.120 Pork Goulash) — so perhaps this means more prosaically that I’m simply returning to my roots.

Salamat po!!

And by coincidence, I’m literally going home to Korea tonight.

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