6.346 Trinity / Trilogy


17 (Thu) December 2015

Trinity / Trilogy


at Jamae-Jib

-Yongsan, Seoul-

with JL

The Prodigal Son Returns for Xmas, Day 2 (see previously 6.345 Painting the Town Pink).

In Seoul.  Here through Christmas.  Going back on the 26th with the family to Manila, where we’ll finish out the year.

Across the street from the CGV multiplex in Yongsan Station, a row of tents offering street food and booze.
This place was chosen at random.

Caught the midnight showing of the new Star Wars movie with JL.  Not that I’m such a diehard fan that I had to watch it on opening day, but so long as I could do so with someone who appreciates the series.

I was quite disappointed.  Essentially a rehash of the first trilogy.  The three primary geological backdrops include sand (like Tattoine), ice (like Hoth), and forrest (like Endor).   The hardware, from the ships to the weapons to the uniforms, are the same with minor modifications — after 30 years, neither side could come up with new designs for any of it?  Even the main villain is dressed all in black, caped, red lightsaber and mask (that doesn’t even do anything).  But the biggest ripoff is the core plot point, which simply involves the bad guys building yet another planet-buster megaweapon that the good guys have to fly in and blow up.  We should probably anticipate that Episode 8 will involve the girl embarking upon a soul-searching journey to become a Jedi, under the guidance of a cranky wizened master, and the words “I am your father” and “No way!” will be uttered at some point.

For lunch earlier in the day, he’d wanted another uniquely Korean experience, so I took him to Bokio (see generally 6.018 Bok Jeongsik).  Shoulda reread/remembered my previous experience with the place, which I’d concluded to be mediocre and overpriced.  Felt bad because JL picked up the tab.

In any case, I got the tickets also kinda to make it up to JL for the crappy lunch.

Before the show began, we ran across the street for a quick beer and a snack (see generally 3.164. The Trinity).

Good times, despite the movie itself.

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