6.347 Amaebi Avocado Maki


18 (Fri) December 2015

Amaebi Avocado Maki


at Pungwol

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with MTG

The Prodigal Son Returns for Xmas, Day 3 (see previously 6.346 Trinity / Trilogy).

In Seoul.  Here through Christmas.  Going back on the 26th with the family to Manila, where we’ll finish out the year.

MNM for lunch (see most recently 6.313 Saengseon Jeon…).

This marks the first time that MTG and I have seen each other in nearly 15 months* — OMFG, how time flies.  Not a single meeting since the blog moved to its new home at the start of Cycle 6, I was confused when “MTG” didn’t show up on the list of previous tags as I was drafting the post.  By absurd coincidence, the last time that I saw him (best friend) was also the last time that I ate at the restaurant where I had lunch today (favorite MNM joint) (see most recently 5.230 johndory Fish & Chips).  If nothing else, the daily grind of GMTD occasionally puts life into quirky perspective.

*Actually, I find this impossible to believe.  I seem to recall, vaguely, an after-dinner gathering at his restaurant sometime during the past year, but I can’t find photos or references to confirm.  I’ll ask around, starting with MTG, to see if anyone else remembers.

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