6.353 A Tale of Edacity in Three Acts


24 (Thu) December 2015

English + Chinese + Korean


at Second Ground

-Itaewon, Seoul-

with the family, CBD

The Prodigal Son Returns for Xmas, Day 9 (see previously 6.352 Dotori Muk).

In Seoul.  Here through Christmas.  Going back on the 26th with the family to Manila, where we’ll finish out the year.

On the rooftop of his restaurant, MtG has set up a tent, where customers can eat their fish & chips, asses on the floor, in cramped and crouched discomfort, kinda like camping, but not really; anyway, in some form or other, al fresco dining had always been anticipated (see generally 5.174 Chinese Spread).

ACT 1 : English

Xmas Eve with the camping crew in full force, whom I haven’t seen in well over a year (see most recently 5.139 Dragon Sukiyaki).

We haven’t gone camping with everyone present in exactly 3 years (see most recently 3.353 Okonomiyaki), back when the idea of spending Xmas Eve with anyone else seemed impossible.

So, MtG’s rooftop tent seemed apropos for the long awaited reunion.

Perhaps a more compelling motive, we agreed to pay for everything to help boost end-of-year sales numbers.

Fish & Chips & More (4.0) — with perfect technique, Second Ground’s deep-fried items may very well be the best in the city/country (see previously 5.195 Haribut Fish & Chips), even the chips (see previously 5.230 johndory Fish & Chips), and I say that with complete objectivity.
Fish Burger (3.5) (left) — excellent / Crab Cake Sandwich (2.0) (right) — sweetish bread, not really my kind of thing.

Act 2 : Chinese

A couple hours later, having gone through the entire menu, twice, someone suggested that we order Chinese, you know, to round out the meal.  Everyone sorta shrugged, like okay whatever.


All the classics (see for example 4.288 Nanja Wans).
Upon arrival, the food was consumed within minutes, before anyone could scarcely budge (beyond stuffing their faces), as evidenced by the lack of movement in the collaterals (e.g., glasses, cans, tangerines).

Act 3 : Korean

A couple hours later, someone suggested that we order seafood — nothing too fancy, steamed crabs and sashimi and stuff — you know, just to nibble on.

We also kept ordering fish & chips, apparently…

The driving force of our friendship has always been gluttony, whether on a mountain (see for example 3.366 Grilled Yangnyeom Galbi), in a restaurant (see for example 3.038 Bok & Dodari Hoe), or at home (see for example 4.231 Mineo Hoe).

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