7.007 Kurobuta Pork Set


12 (Tue) January 2016

Kurobuta Pork Set


at Yabu

(Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-


Yabu is a Japanese restaurant chain.  10 locations in Manila, including a new branch in Robinsons Place.  Specializes in tonkatsu — “The House of Katsu.”

The tonkatsu (see my recipe 4.129 Tonkatsu) was quite good.  Thick cutlet, perfectly cooked, supremely tender.  Light and crispy panko breading.  About as good as could be.


By a rough estimation, Yabu is the 200th restaurant where I’ve eaten in the combined neighborhood of Ermita and Malate, mostly clustered within a 2-km square — 89th in Robinsons Place alone (see generally 5.247 Original Recipe Fried Chicken…) — all within the past 2 years.  Jeez.



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