7.010 Cotto Prosciutto Insalata Pizza


15 (Fri) January 2016

Cotto Prosciutto Insalata Pizza


at The Corner Kitchen

-Oksu, Seoul-

with the family, the folks


New menu (see previously 4.113 Frutti di Mare Pizza).

Mission to Korea + Personal Deviation, Day 3 (see previously 7.009 Grilled US Beef Tenderloin).

In Seoul.  Arrived Wednesday.  Here to attend a planning meeting yesterday for an upcoming event of the parliamentarian forum that had brought me to Seoul for work last July (see generally 6.178 Sliders).  After a follow-up meeting this morning at breakfast, I’m free to spend the weekend at home.  Flying back to Manila on Sunday.

Drug Corn Pizza (1.0) — based on a popular street item involving roast corn doused in grated cheese and sugar and seasonings and other crap, supposedly so good that it’s addictive — “mayak = drug”; the corn was placed on the cob atop the pizza, requiring them to be cut down into kernels, a messy process that left the pie mangled underneath

Haven’t been to The Corner Kitchen (see generally 3.159 Pizza Margherita), my favorite pizza joint in Seoul, in 2.5 years (see most recently 4.138 Pizza Bismarck).  Great as ever.

God how I’ve missed wood-fired Napoli-style pizza.

By coincidence, this is the restaurant featured in that very first post.

After breakfast, I’d spent a precious day with IZ, just the two of us, perhaps for the first time ever.  Splashed around the hotel pool, followed by Coex Acquarium — the last time that I’d taken DJ there, probably to get his mind off the new baby, IZ was still just 23 days old (see generally 3.115 General Chicken) — jjajangmyeon for lunch, then home for a round of Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PS4, nap.  Perfect day.

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