7.017 Kong Biji Jjigae


22 (Fri) January 2016

Kong Biji Jjigae


by W’s aunt

at home

-Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with DJ and IZ

Emergency Sick Leave, Day 5 (see previously 7.016 Pizza Bismarck).

In Seoul.  Arrived last Wednesday on a mission.  Injured my back over the weekend (see generally 7.011 Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza).  Staying in town for treatment.  Return to Manila unknown.

On my way to get medications at the pharmacy across the street from the hospital after the consultation with the neurosurgeon yesterday morning (Ajou University Hospital new wing in the background), I had lunch at a tofu restaurant next door.
At the counter, free bags of biji (soybean dregs left over from making tofu).
Which makes me wonder what other restaurants do with their biji?

Nobody manning the counter, I’d nabbed two bags, hopefully enough to make a couple batches.  Turns out that a little goes a long long way, the crumbs expanding like a botched science experiment with the addition of water.  One quarter bag constituted one huge pot, so we have stock to make about seven more batches.

Volume aside, the kong biji jjigae itself was okayish.  In contrast to the version made with whole soybeans (see my recipe 3.166 Kong Biji Jjigae), the taste and texture were much drier, much less creamy, closer to the austerity of the traditional peasant form.  Now I understand why some recipes call for additional ingredients, such as kimchi and/or pork.

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