7.016 Pizza Bismarck


21 (Thu) January 2016

Pizza Bismarck


at The Corner Kitchen

-Oksu, Seoul-

with DJ, IZ, and Dad

Emergency Sick Leave, Day 3 (see previously 7.015 Tuna Sandwich).

In Seoul.  Arrived last Wednesday on a mission.  Injured my back over the weekend (see generally 7.011 Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza).  Staying in town for treatment.  Return to Manila unknown.

They’ve solved the raw egg problem (see generally 4.138 Pizza Bismarck).

Although we’d eaten at The Corner Kitchen less than a week ago (see most recently 7.010 Cotto Prosciutto Insalata Pizza), the kids needed haircuts, and W likes the shop in our old neighborhood, two buildings down from the restaurant — even as I recover from a severe back injury, W dispatches me on errands.


Anticipating that a private spinal hospital would push aggressive intervention, I opted to get a first opinion from former colleagues in the neurosurgery department at Ajou University.   The MRI, taken on Monday (see generally 7.013 Mandu), revealed displaced vertebra resulting in a herniated disk with impingement of the sciatic nerve.  Seeing that I could move somewhat after just a few days of the episode, the doctor simply recommended bed rest for a couple weeks with anti-inflammatory medication.  He strongly advised that I lose weight and strengthen my core to prevent the condition from getting worse.  Thanks, doc.

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