7.047 Happy Birthday, Mom!


21 (Sun) February 2016

Faux – Filet


at Cuisson82

-Dogok, Seoul-

with the family, the folks

Cuisson82 is a French bistro.  Whereas “cuisson = cuisine,” the “82” when read in Korean “pal (eight) ee (two)” is a play on the French pronunciation of “Pah-Ree.”
Max seating capacity of 18…
…including 6 in this private room.

The Prodigal Son Returns for Mommy Dearest, Day 2 (see previously 7.046 Lava).

In Seoul.  Flew in yesterday.  For the sole purpose of buying dinner for my mother on her birthday (well, seeing the kids are a bonus, and the wife too maybe).  Because I’m that kind of son.  Flying back to Manila tomorrow.


The food was excellent all around.  Irreproachable ingredient, impeccable technique, irrefutable seasoning, immaculate presentation.  Best French cuisine that I’ve had in Seoul yet (see for comparison 5.108 Grilled Seabass).  Even if not for the opportunity to engage with parent, the offspring, the spouse, the meal went a long way towards making the trip worthwhile.

Olive Tapenade (3.5) + Bread (3.0)
Ramblas – Friture (3.5) : underneath, vegetables and a perfectly runny fried egg.
Ravioles à la Basquiase (2.5)
The fillings were, in terms of both technique and seasonings, rather pedestrian.

As it’s perceived in mainstream culture, at least in Korea and perhaps the United States — and likely in most countries, beyond my direct observational base — I’ve noticed that people tend to have a hard time describing “French cuisine” in general and identifying specifically unique “French” markers.

Tonight, for example, dish after dish, my parents — who are relatively well-exposed to global culture, having travelled to way way more cities/countries than I have — kept remarking “This is French?!”  Like with the jamon (Spanish) or fries (American) or ravioli (Italian).  They expected something more … distinct.

In a future post, I’ll expound upon my theory of why this is so.

Moule – Bouillabaisse (2.5)
Côtes d’Agneau – Poêlé (3.0)
French Fry (3.0) : ordered at the very end for the kids — who’d fallen asleep on the way to the restaurant and slept through most of the meal, making the experience so very blissfuly quiet; anyway, given the pains taken to label everything else in French, “French Fry” seems rather lazy.
Faux – Filet (4.0) : maybe even better than Delmonico’s (see generally 7.036 Classic Lobster Newberg).

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