7.083 Crispy-Fried Prawns, Crispy Garlic, Chili


28 (Mon) March 2016

Crispy-Fried Prawns, Crispy Garlic, Chili


at Li Li

(New World Manila Bay)

-Malate, Manila-

with RK, MJK et al.

At long last, we got the green light to host a K staff dinner at Li Li — day after tomorrow.

Although fairly confident in the virtual menu that I’ve been constructing with various dishes sampled through the past 12 visits (see most recently 7.077 Deep-Fried Oolong Tea-Smoked Chicken) — just in case such an occasion should ever arise — I called for another exploratory dinner to try out a few more items.

Simmered Soya Sauce Chicken (2.0)
Japanese Conpoy, Seafood & Abalone Shell Soup (2.25)
Braised Japanese Mushrooms, Sliced Abalone Shell, Oyster Sauce (2.25)
Braised Noodle, Shredded Abalone Mushrooms, Green Bean Sprout (2.0)
Wuxi-Style Slow-Cooked Spare Ribs (2.0)

Across the board, everything was meh, not a single standout that would rate better than yellow — first time that’s ever happened at this restaurant, where at least one dish has always come as a welcome surprise.

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