7.086 Litson Manok


31 (Thu) March 2016

Litson Manok


from Andok’s [takeout]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Andok’s is a Filipino restaurant chain. Founded 1985. Currently over 300 outlets nationwide, including this takeout branch (located 1 block south of my apartment).
Specializes in litson manok (barbecue chicken), as well as litson liempo (barbecue pork belly), rotisserie- roasted slow and low over white coals.

The chicken was pretty good.  Beyond the burnt skin, the meat was nicely cooked, still juicy.  A bit salty, brined in some soy-based sauce.  But not bad for quick takeout.

Baliwag (see most recently 6.247 Manok) — located half a block away (see generally 6.210 Liempo) — is better.

20 pesos more than Baliwag for the chicken.

However, for the same reason that made me stop patronizing Baliwag — again, I suspect the brining solution; but in fairness, the chicken may not have been the culprit — this place will also be on my ban list, just to be safe.

Eating out in Manila, at least this part of town, is largely an exercise of elimination.

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