7.087 Tofu, Egg, and Doenjang Stir-Fry


1 (Fri) April 2016

Tofu, Egg, and Doenjang Stir-Fry


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Been meaning to try making this dish for over four years (see 3.076 Scrambled Egg Ssamjang), finally got around to it.  Used Pulmuone’s product Sigol (country-style) Gang (intense) Doenjang (bean paste), adding sautéed onion and red cabbage, scrambled egg, and crumbled firm tofu.


Awesome.  Richness of the bean paste balanced out by the delicate tofu.  Soft egg contrasting crunchy onion and cabbage.  What Koreans would refer to as “bab (rice) doduk (thief),” meaning that it compels consumption of rice.  Super quick to assemble, convenient with common ingredients, fool-proof in execution.  Instant member of the permanent rotation.

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