7.089 Squid Stuffed with Chives


3 (Sun) April 2016

Squid Stuffed with Chives


at Wok Inn

-Malate, Manila-

with colleagues

Second experience with the food (see most recently 7.031 Chili Shrimp), first visit dining in — again upon the proposal of my neighbor LV, who loves the place — last time ever — for the reason explained below.

In terms of taste and quality, the food was okayish.  Better than I would’ve expected, but not really good in an absolute sense.

Wok Inn is a Filipino/Chinese restaurant.  Located on Remedios (1.5 blocks from my apartment). No menu, just ingredients on display, selected then requested to be prepared according to the customer’s whim and kitchen’s capacity, mostly Filipinized Chinese in style.
Whereas the strong customer base would suggest a quick turnover in ingredients…
…raw, left out in the open warm air of the kitchen, probably around 30 degrees centigrade, smack in the middle of the danger zone, food will develop hazardous levels of bacteria within the hour.

Sensing risk, I’d stuck to vegetables and precooked items, like the squid.

The 2 people in our group who’d eaten the oysters turned out sick the next day.

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