7.088 Lolo Ising’s Adobo Rice


2 (Sat) April 2016

Lolo Ising’s Adobo Rice


Café Adriatico Premiere

-Malate, Manila-


Café Adriatico is a Filipino-Spanish-Western restaurant chain.  Founded 1979.  Currently 3 branches, including the original location in Malate on the corner of Adriatico and Remedios.  Part of the LJC group, which also owns Bistro Remedios (see most recently 6.359 Kangkong Lechon).
More seating upstairs.

First time covering the restaurant for GMTD, though I’ve been there on a few prior occasions for snacks/drinks.

Don’t know who Lola Ising is.

The Pork Adobo was quite good.  Maybe the best that I’ve tried thus far (see also 6.151 Chicken Pork Adobo), way better than at Bistro Remedios (see generally 6.071 Chicken and Pork Adobo).

Atcharang (pickles), adobo sauce.
Pull apart tender, not too much fat, clean flavor.
Rice, seasoned with soy sauce, garlic, tamarind paste (?), paired perfectly with the meat.

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