7.095 Bulgogi


9 (Sat) April 2016



at Pyeongyang Myeonok

-Nonhyeon, Seoul-

with the family

Trip to Korea, Day 1.

In Seoul.  No particular reason.  Arrived this morning.  Going back Monday evening.

28,000 won (about $25) (200 g) x 2 portions

After countless visits to this restaurants (see most recently 7.048 Soft Chicken Taco Supreme), this is the first time ordering bulgogi (see for example 4.195 Grilled Bulgogi…).

It was okay.  Kinda boring — austere, as northern Korean fare tends to be — nothing but meat.

I gotta acquisition myself one of these pans.
Speaking of austerity, my affinity for mul naeng myeon has ascended to point where all I care about is the broth and noodles.

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