7.129 Seafood Platter


13 (Fri) May 2016

Seafood Platter


at Second Ground

-Itaewon, Seoul-

with MtG and the boys

Children’s Day Holiday + Annual Leave, Day 9 (see previously 7.128 Jwipo).

In Seoul.  Arrived Monday.  On extended leave to take care of various administrative matters in preparation for the family’s move to the Philippines in a couple months.  Going back to Manila, by myself, on Sunday.


A night out with the boys (see most recently 6.351 Shrimp Tacos…).

The venue was MtG’s fish & chips joint (see most recently 6.353 A Tale of Edacity…).

Located about a half-klick south of Hamilton Hotel (visible in the distance)…
…Apt is a whisky bar…
…specializing in single malts…
…served in hipster faux-dive digs.
At 220,000 KRW (about $176) (compared to around $60 duty free), the prices are far from dive.

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