7.143 Kimchi Batch 2 / Part 2 : Buchu Kimchi


27 (Fri) May 2016

Buchu Kimchi


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Same pickling paste as Batch 2, applied to a different vegetable, left to ferment for several days longer, much better result overall.  The sweetness in the pickling paste paired nicely with the garlicky grassiness of the buchu (garlic chives), which I’d previously described as a popular form of kimchi (see generally 3.154 Stir-Fried Buchu & Eggs).  Best one yet.

Samgyeopsal, the best dish that goes with kimchi.

Kimchi is what makes Korean BBQ Korean BBQ.  Someone once commented, “Isn’t it just grilling your own meat at the table?”  No — it’s about the kimchi, which provides a zing a zap a pow a punch that cuts thru the fat, so that even heavy cuts like pork belly are made to seem heavenly light.  This counteracting/balancing effect of kimchi, further enhanced by the fresh lettuce and other wrap veggies (see for example 6.344 He’s Leaving Home), is what would allow me to down 400 grams (2 orders) of samgyeopsal no problem via Korean BBQ , even though sans kimchi I couldn’t finish a mere 160-gram portion of Kobe beef (see 5.143 Good Award Kobe Beef…), and an American-style 8-oz steak (about 225 grams) would typically be more than I could handle (see for example 7.009 Grilled US Beef Tenderloin).  So, whether facilitating the increased consumption of red meat is a good thing, that’s what kimchi does.

In essence, A Typical Korean At-Home Meal (see most recently 7.114 A Typical…).

2 thoughts on “7.143 Kimchi Batch 2 / Part 2 : Buchu Kimchi

  1. Hi! I just recently discovered your blog and I’m loving it already! I just wanted to ask what is your reciper for easy kimchi? I am living in the Philippines too. ^_^

    Also I wanted to ask, do you know if it’s possible for my Korean friend to send me Kimchi from there? She’s kind of worried that it’s gonna go bad so I’m also asking around. Thankfully I found your blog! ^-^

    Thank you for replying in advance! ^_^

    1. Hi Hazel,

      So sorry for the delayed response, but I just noticed your comment in my pending box.

      I haven’t yet posted my recipe for easy kimchi, but it’s coming soon.

      I’m also trying to see about how to get kimchi shipped from Korea (as I have a friend who’s in the business of making kimchi, and I love his product).

      But I should point out that excellent kimchi produced in Korea under the Jongga brand, which is what I tend to eat, even when I was living in Korea, is readily available in Korean stores around Manila.

      Thanks for reading!!

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