7.170 Lemon-Crusted Ostrich Fillet with Merlot Reduction

23 (Thu) June 2016

Lemon-Crusted Ostrich Fillet with Merlot Reduction


at My Kitchen by Chef Chris

(see most recently 6.358 Pork Tenderloin Elaina)

-Paco, Manila-

with staff and participants of the SDG meeting

Though I’ve tried wallaby, kangaroo, and emu (see generally 5.338 Wild Harrisa Spiced Wallaby Loin) — all in one sitting, incidentally — this was my first experience with ostrich!  As with wallaby, kangaroo, and emu, the ostrich looked, felt, smelt, and tasted like beef — lean, mean.

Described on the menu : “Grilled ostrich fillet presented on freshly steamed aromatic spiced couscous with roasted eggplant, tomato and red onion stew and tahini and crisp arugula.”

Our division hosted a regional meeting on the Sustainable Development Goals this week, participants including many VIPs, both from Korea and beyond, both as country representatives and external experts, which is why I’ve been involved in so many dinners over the past few days (see most recently 7.169 Assorted Pickles) — tonight was the most “official” one.

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  1. wow, ostrich! i tried kangaroo when i was in sydney, but never tried ostrich before…this post reminded me of ostrich i saw in person a couple of months ago; they looked so intimidating and ugly–ha!

    byw, happy chuseok!

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