7.169 Oshinko Moriawase

22 (Wed) June 2016

Oshinko Moriawase


at Asunaro

(see most recently 7.065 Ika Teppan)

-Malate, Manila-

with K staff and guests

Into pickles these days, apparently (see most recently 7.167 Pickled Purpled Cabbage), even if not my own.

However, this mixed platter (moriawase) of pickles (oshinko) was the first dish at Asunaro that I haven’t liked outright/overall— everything being either too bitter or not sweet enough or oddly textured.

2 thoughts on “7.169 Oshinko Moriawase

  1. neither woodear nor eggplant.

    something unfamiliar to me, and i was preoccupied to analyze it, but it’s what “oddly textured” was referring to.

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