7.171 Gambas al Ajillo


24 (Fri) June 2016

Gambas al Ajillo


by LV

in her home

-Malate, Manila-

with colleagues

LV lives in the building, two floors up.

She likes wine, cheese, and other things that go with wine.

This is what happens to brie — without air conditioning!!! — in the warmth and humidity of Manila.

Regrettably, during the 1 year that I’ve lived here, we managed just 5 occasions of hanging out together (see most recently 7.089 Squid Stuffed with Chives).

2 thoughts on “7.171 Gambas al Ajillo

    1. this is why culinary traditions in tropical climates don’t typically include items that melt, also why dishes tend to be loaded with spices/salt/vinegar to ensure they don’t spoil.

      but as mentioned in the post, there wasn’t any A/C, which made it worse.

      people here either embrace the heat and humidity (like the host) (at work, they eat lunch outside on the terrace), or live in A/C all day long (like me)….

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