7.181 Ramyeon


4 (Mon) July 2016



by me

in our new home

-BGC, Taguig-


My first “By Me, At Home” meal as resident of BGC.  Sorry to disappoint readers that it was merely ramyeon, with some red cabbage thrown in for a shred of decency.

My first commute home had taken 3 hours — just 11 km door to door, but it was raining, which can magnify the traffic delay by double/triple, and I’d left the office at 7PM, the height of the 5PM-9PM rush hour — I just realized that the “rush” is ironic — so I was tired.   For the past 2.5 years, I’d walked 40 minutes a day roundtrip, now I’m stuck in a car for 4 hours.  Welcome to life in the BGC.

Sneak peak of my new kitchen.
The induction stove will take getting used to, both in terms of technique and hardware (e.g., my All-Clads don’t work).

Samyang Ramyeon sucks.  No flavor, no punch, no character.

2 thoughts on “7.181 Ramyeon

  1. I love your kitchen! It’s great! Love white cabinets and the dark accents and appliances.

    PS: Never thought of purple cabbage in ramen… what does it add? Just a crunchy texture?


    1. Just noticed this comment in my pending box…

      Yes, just a bit of texture in ramyeon. Still, it’s a good way to use up any stragglers…

      Can’t take any credit for the kitchen itself, though I do acknowledge my exquisite taste in fixtures and appliances, thank you very much.


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