5 thoughts on “7.187 Steak with Pan-Gravy over Romaine

  1. was the steak chilled? or room temp? or hot over romaine? the last sounds like it would be odd and may not be deserving of a 2.0.


  2. if properly rested, a steak should never be hot, just barely warmish.

    i see your point about the steak topping the romaine seeming a bit strange, but the meat wasn’t really “over” the lettuce, as much as the lettuce was added at the last minute to “surround” the meat, not in a mood to bother with salad dressing and then to carry two separate plates to the table…


  3. THANK YOU! I totally agree and tell this to everyone. Steak shouldn’t ever be piping hot off the grill or oven/stove. Didn’t the lettuce wilt pretty quickly though?


    1. don’t forget to everyone that it’s not about the temperature per se, but that the heat makes the juices circulate within, so if a steak is cut open while hot then the juices all run out. if the steak cools down during the resting period, the juices are reabsorbed into the meat!

      i added the lettuce afterwards, at the last minute, so it was okay.


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