7.188 White Pepper Prawns


11 (Mon) July 2016

White Pepper Prawns


at Tao Yuan

(see most recently 7.178 One for the Road)

-Malate, Manila-

EK, RK and other colleagues

Perfect with slipper lobster (see generally 6.044 Slipper Lobster in White Pepper Sauce), the white pepper sauce is always good but not as good when paired with other crustaceans, such as crab (see generally 5.302 White Pepper Crab), rock lobster (see generally 5.313 Fresh Scallop & Celery Dumplings), or prawn (see generally 6.001 Braised Superior Whole Abalone) — as confirmed this evening.  Also confirmed, we had it wither slipper lobster, which turned out perfect.

Wondering what it would be like with something else entirely, like chicken.

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