7.191 Snipe Adobo


14 (Thu) July 2016

Snipe Adobo


at Casa Armas

(see most recently 7.167 Pickled Purpled Cabbage)

-Malate, Manila-

with EK, RK and other K colleagues

The Snipe Adobo, didn’t quite get it.  Some kind of meat — snipe, really? — shredded, deep-fried, seasoned in the Filipino-style of adobo.  Dry in texture, salty-sour in flavor.  Maybe okay as a pika-pika with beer.  For me, not so much.

4 thoughts on “7.191 Snipe Adobo

  1. you forget to tag me! i had been curious about the casa armas; so, i was happy to explore the place finally. thanks so much for the dinners and your hospitality!! always good to see you and have dinner together. good fun!


    1. though “snipe” may refer to various types of real-life tropical birds, the term tends to remind me of the mythical creature, as represented by the character Kevin in the Pixar film UP.

      in any case, i’d imagine that the dish here was made with something more commonplace, like pigeon.


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