7.193 The Beginning of the End


16 (Sat) July 2016


Mineo Hoe

from Hannam Bugeot Guk


at Baega-Joga

-Oksu, Seoul-

with W and CBD


The only official plan for the evening had been dinner at Ramie’s — which will be featured on its own in an upcoming post — but, eight small plates into the meal, someone mentioned oh-by-the-way that mineo was coming into season, and oh-by-the-way that he knew where we could score some, immediately prompting an early check-out.

Baega-Joga is a Korean restaurant. Originally a small catering operation that supplied lunch boxes to offices in the neighborhood, whose loyal customers convinced the owners to expand the business.
Still retains a no-frills, all-about-the-food vibe.

The Home Stretch : Day 2 (see previously 7.192 Low Calorie Meal).

At long last, the time has come.  Arrived in Seoul this morning.  Will be here for a week to pack up and ship our stuff to the Philippines, where we’ll be reunited to live as a family for the first time in 2.5 years.  Flying back to Manila next Saturday.

Not as extensive a menu as the other place, but also no crowds to contend with.

Whereas Baega-Joga itself doesn’t sell mineo hoe, they have a delivery arrangement with Hannam Bugeot-Guk down the street.

Everything was good, both the mineo hoe and other dishes prepared in-house.

For reasons that I’ve never bothered to ask, mineo hoe is typically dipped in sesame oil and course salt.
Miyeok Guk (seaweed soup) (3.25)
Donggeurang-Ddaeng (ground pork pancakes) (3.0)
Ugeuji Tang (spicy bean paste and cabbage soup) (3.5)
Because this clearly wasn’t enough …

The first dinner of the final week home, a feast with the camping crew (see most recently 7.109 Chicken Tikka…), as always as if it were our last meal ever (see most recently 6.353 A Tale of Edacity…).

… we walked across the street to a third venue, where we immediately began to dig in, again.
Kalguksu (2.5) — with ground perilla seed, not my kinda thing…
…but the noodles underneath were good.
Chungmu Gimbab (3.0)
Deep-Fried Cod Necks with Garlic (3.0)
Spicy Chicken Feet — didn’t partake.
Soy-Pickled Shrimp — didn’t partake.
By this point, drunk or full or both, I couldn’t maintain focus.

3 thoughts on “7.193 The Beginning of the End

  1. I’ve been to hannam bugeot-guk! didn’t have mineo hoe though. Next time will have to try baega joga. Didn’t partake soy shrimp?!?!

      1. Went with a korean american who spends half of each year in seoul. At first i said, “seriously? We meet up in seoul and you want to have bukeot-guk?” and he insisted that there’s other stuff there and that it’s really good. It was pretty good.

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