7.194 The MIL’s Typical at Korean At-Home Meal


17 (Sun) July 2016

The MIL’s Typical at Korean At-Home Meal


by MIL

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with DJ, IZ, and the In-Laws

The Home Stretch : Day 3 (see previously 7.193 Mineo Hoe).

At long last, the time has come.  Arrived in Seoul yesterday morning.  Will be here for a week to pack up and ship our stuff to the Philippines, where we’ll be reunited to live as a family after 2.5 years.  Flying back together to Manila next Saturday.

Earlier that afternoon, we happened to be driving by our first apartment, a third-story walk-up in Nonhyeon-Dong, which we’d called home for the first 9 months of DJ’s life.
His name is still in the cement, from when we’d poured a new driveway!

Bless her heart, the MIL insisted that she make dinner for me, despite my loud objections and clear proclamations that her cooking falls way short of my standards — she really believes that I’m joking.  Thanks to GMTD, I’m pleasantly reminded that I had to deal with this very issue during my final week before making the solo move to Manila in 2014 (see generally 5.109 The MIL’s Typical Korean At-Home Meal) — deja vu all over again.  The good news is that it should be the last MIL-meal for the foreseeable future.  The bad news is that I won’t get to enjoy these opportunities to gripe, which may be worth having to endure the subpar food.

By sheer coincidence, I met DJ for the first time exactly 9 years ago today, on July 17 — even though he was born on July 15, 3 weeks premature, while I was sitting down to a dim sum brunch, in Boston, during a research trip; another weird coincidence : I was staying with high school buddy HS, who was living there at the time in a condo unit #715; HS would eventually become DJ’s godfather.

4 thoughts on “7.194 The MIL’s Typical at Korean At-Home Meal

  1. All of your “typical At-Home meal” posts are my favorite. The food looks so comforting and made with love. Craving some good ol’ Korean food from my mama while I’m in this chilly city of Baltimore at the moment. Cheers!

    1. when you say “so comforting and made with love,” i must conclude that you didn’t actually read the post, which comes to a rather different conclusion

      1. Haha, I just re-read it. Sorry, I must have skimmed through it at first. I’m sorry to hear, but I have to admit that I’d love if someone made me a platter of Korean food!

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