7.210 SPAM Curry Rice


2 (Tue) August 2016

SPAM Curry Rice


by W

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with family

IT — who has built his humble kimchi jjigae restaurant (see generally 1.364 Kimchi Jjigae) into a franchise empire — gave us 2 bags of his famous product, 2 bags x 10 kg apiece, shipped directly from the factory to our apartment, as a farewell present.  The ultimate parting gift for anyone emigrating from Korea.

Flying business class, the luggage allowance of 32 kg per person gave us room to pack a few extra goodies along with the kimchi.

The first dinner prepared by W in her new capacity as a homemaker.  The boys were impressed, particularly with the SPAM.  I could’ve done without the SPAM, and maybe a bit less potato, perhaps some carrots, but okay.

In any case, IT’s kimchi was the true star of the meal.

As declared in a prior post (see 7.135 Geotjeoli), Japanese-style curry rice is the third best dish that goes with kimchi (see also 5.070 Mom’s Kimchi…).


Should “SPAM” be spelled in all caps, the way it is on the can?  S-P-A-M!!  But just “Spam” doesn’t seem to convey the proper respect.

4 thoughts on “7.210 SPAM Curry Rice

  1. do you guys consume enough kimchi such that all that kimchi will keep ok in your regular refrigerator?

  2. hadn’t really thought that part through, not that we had a choice.

    so i asked a Korean colleague, an ajumma who has a kimchi fridge, to store one of the bags (I had to give her 1/3 as payment).

    fortunately, within a month, our container from Korea arrived, including our kimchi fridge.

    though by that point, the kimchi had ripened quite a bit, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, especially as the stuff is engineered for ripening to be used in kimchi jjigae.

  3. So glad I ran into this webpage… I just bought my very first slow-cooker/Crockpot, and I wanted my first recipe to try a Japanese curry. But I was wondering what I would use for my protein. Now I know… SPAM!

  4. SPAM! may be more fat than protein.

    Next time, try pan-searing the SPAM! first, which adds a bit of texture to what’s otherwise kinda mushy.

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