7.224 Juk


16 (Tue) August 2016



by W

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with the family

Our budding Suzy Homemaker needs to learn that cooking for the family on a daily basis entails the constant challenge of dealing with leftovers.  She’s insisted on steaming a new batch of rice for every meal, claiming entitlement to at least that minimal level of luxury, especially given the hardship of relocation into a foreign country, supposedly a developing country, even if our actual living situation may be the most posh that we’ll ever experience, anywhere.  Throughout her blessed existence, W has always enjoyed fresh rice, while someone else ate the leftover rice from the meal before — her mother for the first 31 years, then me for the next 10.

However, I imposed a moratorium on fresh rice until she could take responsibility for the ever-expanding big-ass pile of cold-ass rice in the fridge.  So, she just dumped it into a pot of water and made porridge (juk).  Either way, I’m suffering.  Lesson learnt.

[Writing this from the future, I should point out that W now undercuts the amount of rice to ensure that we never have leftovers, which means that someone goes hungry at every meal, usually me.  Always suffering. Lesson learnt.]

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