7.225 Bulgogi Ddeokbokki


17 (Wed) August 2016

Bulgogi Ddeokbokki


by W

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with the family

Shortcut, if one happens to have the stuff already on hand : bulgogi with lots of marinade/sauce + ddeok (rice cakes) = gungjung ddeokbokki.  (DC, you copy this?)

When I suggested this, as we happened to have the stuff already on hand, she was totally amazed by the idea, which seemed so obvious once explained yet wouldn’t have occurred to her spontaneously.

Cooking is also about recognizing the easy shortcuts, kiddo.

4 thoughts on “7.225 Bulgogi Ddeokbokki

  1. yes, the sliced ddeok are much more versatile and works just fine in ddeokbokki.

    another possibility for ddeok : mapo tofu (which is already kinda like the tofu version of ddeokbokki)..

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