7.230 Récolte Pizza Sandwich


22 (Mon) August 2016

Récolte Pizza Sandwich


by me

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-


A variation on my signature sandwich — for which I have yet to devise an appropriate name (see generally 3.041 Grilled Cheese Sandwich : Edam with Sun-Dried Tomatoes on Sourdough); my kids call it “pizza sandwich,” which sounds about right

Simply add the sandwich — here, I brushed on a little butter to the grills, as evidenced by the little droplets, which does add some flavor, but the bread will come out just as criss-crossed and crispy without …
… close the lid and wait for about 1 minute until the red light turns off (a bit tricky because the machine doesn’t otherwise signal doneness) …
… récoltez (collect).

The SPAM — pre-grilled in a separate pan (not that there’s anything wrong with “raw” SPAM) — made the sandwich a bit too heavy, especially for a late-night quick-fix snack/dinner; I don’t like meat toppings on pizza for the same reason.

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