7.267 Chutoro Sashimi


28 (Wed) September 2016

Chutoro Sashimi


from Ito Yokado Supermarket

at Toyoko Inn

-Wakoshi, Saitama-

with staff

Mission to Japan, Day 4 (see previously 7.266 Gu Ba).

In Tokyo.  Here to attend/facilitate a workshop on childhood obesity, Tuesday thru Friday.  Arrived Sunday morning.  Flying back to Manila on Saturday.

World class sushi — by which I mean that it’s better than most sushi anywhere in the world, even if not that impressive by local standards, even in the small town of Wakoshi —  available for cheap, on the go, daily.

Unable to decide on a dinner venue immediately upon wrapping the workshop for the day, we dropped by the local supermarket on the way back to the hotel, intending just to grab a few snacks and drinks for munching and sipping in the hotel lobby while contemplating our options.   Ultimately, we were all overwhelmed by the selection in the supermarket, overloaded on the acquisition, overindulged on the consumption.  And that was our dinner.  And it was excellent.



As suggested by the lack of photos — of the supermarket overall (big as any grocery store that I’ve encountered in any major city), of the hotel (more like a dormitory) and lobby (more like a waiting room), of the spread (beyond sushi) — I didn’t really think that this would be it, so I hadn’t bothered to take more shots.  But I was totally happy with the outcome.

Negitoromaki (3.5) — the tang of the sushi rice and the zing of the minced scallion (negi) play perfectly against the richness of the tuna belly (toro); my favorite type of sushi, without question.

In simplistic terms, “toro” refers to the belly meat of tuna, while “chu-toro” — “chu = middle” — refers to a succulent/pink cut that lies between the outer lean/red flesh of the body (“akami”) and the inner fatty/white gut (“otoro”).

Technically, maguro = blue fin tuna, and ahi – yellow fin tuna, though often the term “maguro” outside of Japan refers generally to any kind of tuna.

I can’t recall if I’ve ever experienced a slice of chutoro that wasn’t awesome.

The chutoro sashimi from the supermarket here in Wakoshi was perfect.


Kitchen Origin is a Japanese “delica” : located 2 blocks from my hotel + open 24 hours = trouble.
Offers a wide range of hot and cold goodies …
… such as oden …
… various sa-la-da …
… and other deep-fried/stir-fried Asianistic dishes.

Like I’ve been saying throughout this trip, I’d get so fat living here.

I’m getting fat just visiting.

I’m fat as it is.


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