7.278 John Wayne’s Prime Rib


9 (Sun) October 2016

John Wayne’s Prime Rib


at The Highlander Steakhouse

-Tagaytay Highlands-

with W and the Boys, RK, HRS, and other members of NCD team

The NCD team and their families, including me as a former member (see most recently 6.344 He’s Leaving Home), spent the day at Tagaytay Highlands.  In addition to golf, swimming, etc., the club also offers activities designed specifically for children, such as horseback riding, go-carts, petting zoo : a great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The Highlander Steakhouse is an American-style steakhouse.
Frontier decor within.
From the terrace, a spectacular view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano (visible as a small cone emerging from the lake at center-left) — if DJ were to jump, he’d fall 300 hundred feet to his death on the mountainside below.
RK and HRS!

The food was disappointing.  Touted as one of the country’s best steakhouses — having described the dining experience at its sister restaurant as “this may have been the best Chinese meal that I’ve had in the Philippines thus far,” I was ready to believe — we found the Highlander to be rather subpar.  And overpriced.

Pan-Seared Sea Scallops (2.5) : “served on a bed of saffron parmesan dusted risotto, seafood gravy,” good enough for the boys to request a second portion.
Flabby, flavorless, fatty  — not unlike John Wayne, so at least the name works.

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