7.304 Kimchi Rice Noodles


4 (Fri) November 2016

Kimchi Rice Noodles


at Namoo House (Uptown Mall)

-BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Uptown Mall.  4th and most recent major shopping center to open — still not fully occupied — in BGC (which comprises less than 2 square kilometers).
Namoo House is a Korean restaurant. Located in Uptown Mall. The 4th and most recent Korean restaurant in town.  Specializes in BBQ.
Supposedly the Manila branch of a famous Korean restaurant chain (won’t bother to describe here), but clearly mimicking the menu of another (see for example 5.232 Woo Samgyupsal).

The food was disappointing.  In particular, we’d had high hopes for the kimchi noodles — a traditional family favorite (see for example 3.068 Kimchi Mari Guksu) — but it turned out rather meh, something a bit odd about the rice noodles (in lieu of the traditional flour noodles).  Everything fell short.  Oh.  Well.

The live coals, rare in Korean restaurants here, showed promise.
Woo Samgyup (2.0) : in addition to the kimchi noodles, this dish clearly showing the restaurant’s attempt to emulate Bornga (see generally 5.232 Woo Samgyup).
Too thickly cut and inadequately seasoned, the meat was rather tough in texture and bland in flavor.
Mul Naeng Myeon (1.0) : IZ took one bite and was like, “WTF?!?!” I was like, “RIGHT?!?!”

2 thoughts on “7.304 Kimchi Rice Noodles

    1. well, you do know that MNM is my favorite, but if you read more carefully you’ll also come to understand that I only like a very specific type of MNM that’s available in a select number of restaurants in Seoul. nothing like the typical dish found in 99% of restaurants, including the rubbery noodles and sweet/tangy broth.

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