7.305 Phad Thai Poo Nim


5 (Sat) November 2016

Phad Thai Poo Nim


at Mango Tree

-Bonifacio High Street, Taguig-

with W and the Boyz

Mango Tree is a Thai restaurant. Located in Bonifacio High Street.  Judging by the similar font in the signage, it may be part of the Thai-based chain (see generally 5.261 Phad Kra Phrao Pla Meuk).
Similarity ends there.

The food was okay, showed promise.

Way better than the only other Thai restaurant in the neighborhood (see generally 7.226 Kor Moo Yang).

Never a fan of phad thai — nothing wrong with it per se, just overrated — but I agreed to order it here for the soft-shell crab (poo nim), which was nicely crispy.  Next time, I’ll get the soft-shell crab in a different dish.
Rock Lobster Prik Thai Dum (2.0) : “stir-fried rock lobster with capsicum, spring onion, and black pepper sauce” — generally okay, but pathetically short on the lobster, way overpriced at 850 PHP.
Massaman Nua (2.0) : too sweet for my tastes, but just right for the boys.
Phad Phak Bung Fai Daeng (3.0) : the perennial family favorite.
Khao Phad Goong (3.0) : small order of shrimp fried rice, enough for a family of 8.

Although I know should know better by now not to engage in any more “Try Every” projects, I’m tempted to try every top twenty-five restaurant in Taguig/BGC as ranked by TripAdvisor.  For now, I’m just tracking progress, but I might initiate if I reach the trigger point of 10 restaurants completed, for dinner.

Top Twenty-Five Restaurants in Taguig City (as of 2017 Feb 26) [+/- position since previous ranking]:

  1. Abé Serendra (7.234 Sikreto ni Maria Claria) [-3]
  2. The Wholesome Table [lunch] [+1]
  3. The Food Hall by Todd English (7.202 Charred Octopus6.062 Bone Marrow) [-5]
  4. Wildflour Café and Bakery [lunch] [-3]
  5. Ramen Nagi [lunch] [-5]
  7. Ogawa [lunch] [+1]
  8. 8Cuts Burger Blends (7.122 Burger) [+1]
  9. Crystal Jade Dining IN (7.244 Roasted Peking Duck) [-8]
  10. Agave Mexican Cantina (7.186 Steak & Shrimp Fajitas)

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