7.312 Nalli Roganjosh


12 (Sat) November 2016

Nalli Roganjosh



Jaypee Golf Greens & Golf Spa Resort

-Greater Noida-


Again, as at COP6, I arrived, I worked, I left, not a single opportunity to see the city/country, not a single landmark.
Well, there was this.

Mission to India, Day 7 (see previously 7.311 Bhatti da Murg).

In New Delhi.  Here to attend the 7th Conference of the Parties (COP7) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control — the most important tobacco meeting in the world, held every other year, last time in Moscow (COP6) (see most recently 5.285 Red Mullet Fillets …) — Monday thru today.  Flying back to Manila tomorrow.

On the way to/from the hotel/venue, I did get to see a lot of buildings …
… though I never saw anybody actually constructing anything.

The only occasion that I had to eat out was to eat in the hotel restaurant.  To be fair, colleagues did gather for a farewell gathering at some place, but it was kinda far, and I was too tired, and sick, and I wanted to treat myself to a nice dinner at a nice establishment.

Located in the hotel lobby …
Paatra is an Indian restaurant.

The food was excellent.

Complimentary lemon-honey beverage (3.0) with a falafel (3.0).
Complimentary crispy breads (3.5).
Complimentary chutneys, dips, pickles (3.5).
Complimentary veggie sticks with pickled onions (2.5), pickled lentil sprouts (4.0) — already getting full.
Maah ki Dal (4.0) : “India’s favorite lentil delicacy of whole urad, tomato purée and garlic, simmered overnight on the tandoor, enriched with cream and served with a dollop of home-churned butter”  — if someone told me that this were the ultimate rendition of lentil curry, I’d believe it — so perfectly balanced in flavors and textures, rich yet subtle, luxurious yet somehow spartan.
Paratha (3.5) : the real deal (see for comparison 3.150 Chicken Masala with Paratha).

Rogan josh is a Persian/Bangladeshi/Indian lamb dish.  A quick review of on-line recipes suggests that, like most dishes from the region, it’s essentially meat — traditionally lamb — simmered in a tomato-based stew seasoned with aromatics and curry spices.


As described on the menu here: “Inspired by the Kashmiri classic, this version is closer to the Punjabi rendering of the recipe at home — tender lamb shanks are slow-cooked in aromatic gravy, with tomatoes imparting the romantic blush.”   Tasted like meat simmered in a tomato-based stew seasoned with curry spices.

The aforementioned pickled lentil sprouts — amazing.
If I hadn’t been scheduled to leave for the airport in a few hours, I would’ve taken this leftover roganjosh gravy, along with more bread, back to my room for a midnight snack.

As observed in yesteday’s post : Indian cuisine, mostly = “thickish/creamyish curry gravies, orangish in color (or intensely green, if spinach-based), with softish beans/lentils/cauliflower/potatoes/tomatoes/carrots/cheese, hints of heat, accompanied by fluffy rice and/or charred flatbreads.”

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