7.345 Hooky


15 (Thu) December 2016

Roast Beef


at Spiral

 Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

-Pasay City-

with W and the Boyz

The view from our room, my old neighborhood of Malate visible in the distance (in reverse, I could see the Sofitel from my previous apartment).

DHS Annual Retreat, Day 2 (see previously 7.344 Bibimbap …).

Spiral is a buffet restaurant.  By many accounts, it’s the best buffet in the country.

So long as I’m being put up at one of the snazzier hotels in Manila, the W and the Boyz have joined me for a staycation.

Rather than join in the official dinner with my colleagues — honestly, the single factor that prompted me to go the other way was that it was being held outdoors (no air-conditioning) — I opted to enjoy a quiet (air-conditioned) dinner with my family.

Freshly baked bread, cut to order.
Cheese room.
Charcuterie room.
Roast turkey — obviously, not such a popular item, but the point is that it’s available.
Most of the marquee items tend to be French-ish.
Like the pan-seared fois gras.
But the buffet features multiple stations with a wide range of global cuisines…
…including Korean — though it didn’t really look very Korean.

The food was good.  Perhaps a tad overpriced at 3,300 PHP per person, definitely fun in variety, and good in taste and quality.

But god how I hate buffets, especially the good ones, because they make me feel compelled to get my money’s worth — and 3,300 PHP is a lot of compulsion.

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  1. Haha I have grown to learn about your hatred of buffets, but I have to admit… this one actually looks great in my eyes. Or maybe I’m just hungry right now…

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