7.346 Dogani Tang


16 (Fri) December 2016

Dogani Tang


at Royal Korean Restaurant

(see most recently 7.051 Knee for Kyu)

-Malate, Manila-

with W and the Boyz

DHS Annual Retreat, Day 3 (see previously 7.345 Hooky).

After the official activities had wrapped, we grabbed dinner in Malate — W wanted some hardcore Korean — before heading back to BGC.

Typical W move : she orders the dogani (knee ligament) tang (soup), doesn’t eat any of the dogani, then explains that she wasn’t in the mood for dogani.

2 thoughts on “7.346 Dogani Tang

  1. The dogani tang (love) that I get here (Baltimore, MD) in “Koreatown” usually doesn’t have the brown meaty stuff that clings to the cartilage and tendons, which sucks because I love those bits.

    1. now that i look at the photo again, i’m amazed that i would eat the stuff. certainly wouldn’t come close if it weren’t korean.

      korean food in the states has come a long way if they have dogani, especially somewhere outside of LA or NY.

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