7.361 Shameless/Shameful


31 (Sat) December 2016

Kid’s Meal


on Flight KE 622

(see most recently 7.362 Bibimbap)

-Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean-

with W and the Boyz

Upon our return, we had dinner at Modern Sichuan, a Chinese restaurant near our apartment in BGC.  I will someday describe the restaurant, which was pretty good and may now be our go-to place for Chinese.

Home for the Holidays, Day 12 (see previously 7.360 Bossam).

Spent the winter break in Seoul.  Got back to Manila today — so, so good to be home, actual home.

Chile has recently passed ground-breaking legislation to protect children from harmful food marketing, which includes banning characters on packaging (e.g., most notably, breakfast cereals).
Gummy bears : 143 kJ per serving x 4.5 servings = 643.5 kJ = 154 calories / 26.1 grams of sugar
Oatmeal cookies : 119.07 calories / 7.72 grams of sugar
Yoghurt drink : 76 kcal per serving x 1.64 servings = 124.64 calories / 13 grams of sugar

For lunch on the plane, W had pre-ordered kid’s meals for the boys.  Shameless*.  Pororo on the box — in marketing terms, this is called “brand sharing” — though the only purpose in this case, as the product has already been purchased, would be to reinforce children’s positive association between junk food and fun.  The main course burger and fries were so visibly repugnant that the boys refused to take a single bite — I’m doing something right, apparently.  I did take a nibble — oh, what I put myself through for GMTD — confirming that the crumbled patty was inedibly salty,  the cheese was burnt, dried out, and stiff, and the potatoes were greasy and mushy — so disgusting, even worse than appearance.  And then the drink box and packaged snacks contained a total of 46.82 grams of sugar — exceeding in one meal the daily recommended limit of 45.5 grams for boys aged 8-9 — plus 397.71 additional calories — and that’s on top of whatever’s in the crappy burger and fries, as well as the additional juice and ice cream (served separately), not to mention ketchup and cream cheese — cream cheese, really?  Shameful*.

Presumably, to someone in the company, this looks suitable for human child consumption.

I find it impossible — not merely implausible, but fully impossible — to believe that anyone with a speck of knowledge about nutrition or cooking or service/hospitality, or a shred of human decency, would allow for this.  As previously evidenced in that doomed TEKASM project (see most recently 7.200 VJML), whoever designs/makes/approves the special meals on Korean Air should be fired.  In fact, Korean Air itself should be called out — oh, if only I were a power blogger!!

Fuck cold macadamia nuts, senior management deserves public humiliation for truly egregious/heinous acts, like serving dangerously unhealthy/unpalatable meals to poor children sitting in coach — “SHAME … SHAME … SHAME … SHAME…” (she even looks a bit like Cersei).

* I just realized that “shameless,” while seeming to be opposite of “shameful,” actually means the same thing — think about it.  (For my final paper as an English major in college, I wrote that only humans are capable of being inhumane — think about it.)

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  1. This was the most upsetting post I’ve read, but also one of the most laugh inducing…. Yikes.

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