7.360 Bossam


30 (Fri) December 2016



at Pureun Chojang

(see most recently 4.018 Bossam)

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with W and the Boyz, BIL

First ever shot of the interior, the main hall as viewed upon entrance.

Home for the Holidays, Day 11 (see previously 7.359 Double Cheeseburger …).

In Seoul.  Winter break. Going back to Manila tomorrow — can hardly wait.

Koreans like to sprinkle sesame seeds on top of dishes, supposedly not as a decorative garnish, rather as an essential ingredient, sesame seeds supposedly being so nutritious. If so, shouldn’t the sesame seeds be mixed more thoroughly throughout the dish to ensure that every bite gets a few?  
The perfect bite : one piece of pork, one dollop of mumalaengi, rolled in a strip of napa cabbage
Good enough for us to clear the table.

Final dinner in town at one of my all-time favorite restaurants.  Solid as ever, though not as spectacular as I’d once thought.

4 thoughts on “7.360 Bossam

  1. I drive past a Korean restaurant that specializes in this (and soondae) most days of the week, but I’ve never tried it. We seem to have similar tastes in Korean (and non-Korean) dishes. Do you recommend I try it?

  2. Bossam is delicious if done well. There are a few places in LA that make excellent bossam. The owner of this blog would say I’m not a purist but I also like it with picked radish slices rather than wilted napa cabbage. Yum.

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