8.002 Original Baby Back Ribs


7 (Sat) January 2017

Original Baby Back Ribs


at Murray’s New Orleans Jazz Kitchen

-Bonifacio High Street, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

White people love eating/drinking outside (see also 7.255 Baby Back Ribs); even at work, where the cafeteria has a patio, it’s only the white people, everyone else preferring to lunch comfortably, safely in the air-conditioned, insect-free environment of inside.

A chronic culinary problem in the Philippines, where deep-frying is a popular technique (see for example 6.224 NCD Risk Factors), is over-used oil.   The repeated/constant cooking at high temperature breaks down the oil’s molecular structure, increasing its acidity – indeed, at MTG’s fish & chips shop (see for example 5.230 johndory Fish & Chips), the deep-fryer had a pH monitor – and generating free radicals.  Not only is such oil harmful – free radicals are agents of oxidative stress that accelerates deterioration of cells in the body –  it also imparts a funky aftertaste to the food.  Very common here, especially in fast food, such as fries and fried chicken.

The fries here, exactly that.

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