8.036 Lobster, Meh


10 (Fri) February 2017

Lobster, Meh


at High Street Café

-Shangri-La at the Fort, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

Nothing against buffets generally – in fact, good ones can be quite fun – I just hate myself in the aftermath, always having overeaten – even at the bad ones.

The High Street Café buffet consists of stations: salad, noodle, seafood, grill, sushi/sashimi, Chinese, European, etc.

Same in concept as Market Café at New World Manila (see generally 6.082 Lobster, Baby) and Spiral at Sofitel (see generally 7.345 Hooky), making me wonder if this is a Philippine thing or a global trend – in Korea, where buffets are typically found in big scale wedding halls, everything laid out for quick mass consumption.  What I do like about this set up – and therefore why I hate them even more – is that I can focus on one or two choice items – and gorge.

The problem with the lobster at High Street Café is that they’re already cooked.  Presumably, some people like to eat them, as well shrimp and clams and other seafoods, as is.  Otherwise, they can be taken to the grill station waaaaaay on the other side of the restaurant and further grilled, optionally topped with butter, though they still turn out kinda dry and rubbery.  High Street Café also doesn’t offer different methods of preparation, like at Market Café.  I am experiencing ever diminishing returns with lobster at buffets (see for comparison 6.360 Lobster, Maybe).

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