8.068 Somyeon


14 (Tue) March 2017



by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with the Family

Somyeon is a Korean noodle soup.  The term refers specifically to the noodle alone: “so” (small/thin) + “myeon” (noodle).  But when used in reference to the dish, it’s understood to include the noodle and the soup – typically, anchovy stock, seasoned with soy sauce – plus any manner of toppings – typically, sliced onions, carrots, spinach, egg ribbons, dried seaweed.  Also called “janchi guksu” in commercial settings or at special events (see for example 6.271 Tara’s Wedding Spread), but simply “somyeon” at home.

I cannot believe this to be the first time covering the dish on GMTD.  It’s been such a regular part of my culinary life: when I was growing up, my mother used to make it every Saturday/Sunday for lunch, still does if ever I’m home.  And now I make it for my family on weekends, but I guess it’s always for lunch, so never got posted until now.  Unusual to have it for dinner on a Tuesday, though there’s no reason why not.

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