8.155 Indian Cuisine, Home-Cooked by an Indian


9 (Fri) June 2017

Indian Cuisine, Home-Cooked by an Indian


by IH’s wife

at their home

-Salcedo Village, Makati-

with colleagues

The food was amazing.  So gratifying to experience a cuisine home-cooked by someone of that country (see also 5.081 Home-Cooked Spanish Cuisine, Home-Cooked by a Spaniard).


Reconfirming exactly my prior generalization about Indian food (7.312 Nalli Roganjosh):

It’s mostly thickish/creamyish curry gravies, orangeish in color (or intensely green, if spinach-based), with softish beans/lentils/cauliflower/potatoes/tomatoes/carrots/cheese, hints of heat, accompanied by fluffy rice and/or charred flatbreads.

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