8.171 Kongnamul Bap


25 (Sun) June 2017

Kongnamul Bap


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with K colleagues

Rinse the uncooked rice, pour in the standard amount of water, and add soy bean sprouts (kongnamul), about 1/4 cup of sprouts per 1 cup of rice.  Steam, as usual.  When done, mix to incorporate the sprouts with the rice, which tend to rise during the cooking.

Warning: this will not work with mung bean sprouts, which will become soggy/slimy and impart a vegetal stinkiness.


The resulting sprout-rice can be eaten as a simple stand-alone meal, seasoned with soy sauce + sesame oil + ground chili + garlic + scallions.


Or it can be served, like standard steam rice, as part of a bigger meal.

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