8.198 Pyeong Yang Naeng Myeon


22 (Sat) July 2017

Pyeong Yang Naeng Myeon


at Neungla

-Yeoksam, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with the family

Mission to Japan, Day 0 (personal deviation).

En route to Tokyo.  Going to oversee various preparations in advance of the upcoming Third Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health in August.  On the way in, I’m stopping by Korea for a day.


Just a couple years ago, mul naeng myeon was something of a fringe item (see generally 4.184 The Eulmildae MNM), favored primarily by nostalgic old men and young men with good taste.


Now, it’s all the rage – even recognized by The Guide Michelin.

Neungla, which started out with a tiny shop on the outskirts of the city (see generally 4.201 Pyeong Yang (Mul) Naeng Myeon), has opened a new location right smack in the middle of Gangnam – success, baby.

Kimchi (3.5): classically northern in style.
Mandu (3.5)
As described before: thick hand-made skins and beautifully white stuffing.

The food was excellent all around.

Most importantly, the MNM was solid.  Crisp, clean beef broth.  Decent texture to the noodles, though little buckwheat flavor.  Fell far short of the MNM at Pyeongyang Myeonok (see most recently 8.157 The Best MNM in the World, Still), but way good enough.

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